Jessica Simpson Evannan Open Toe Pumps

Not only is Jessica Simpson famous for her singing and celebrity-ness, Jessica is also famous for bringing women some of the finest women’s shoe styles. I have been a fan of Jessica Simpson shoes for a long time and these wonderful open toe pumps are no exception.

These are the Jessica Simpson Women’s Evannan Open Toe Pump
These fabulous leather Jessica Simpson Evannan Open Toe Pumps are available in four sexy color combinations and feature a man-made sole with a 4.5″ high heel and a platform that measures approximately 1.25″ rising you above the crowd!!

One of the things I like about the Jessica Simpson line of shoes, they feature designer styling at a very affordable price. Unlike some shoes of this caliber, it won’t break your budget to own a pair.

You will look oh so hot when you are wearing these fabulous shoes! You can order a pair here: Jessica Simpson Women’s Evannan Open Toe Pump

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